Our Guide to Neuromarketing-Related Blogs: Ten to Follow

We subscribe to over 50 blogs in various categories. Choosing favorites is hard, but these 10 blogs consistently deliver timely and useful posts with lots of implications for neuromarketing, even if most are not strictly "neuromarketing" blogs.

By the way, for reading blogs we recommend our favorite new newsreader, Feedly, which can be downloaded here.

Roger Dooley's Neuromarketing blog

Roger is the dean of neuromarketing bloggers and a master of finding marketing implications of brain science findings. We also recommend Roger's book, Brainfluence, a collection of marketing tips based on many of his best posts.

Deric Bownds Mindblog

Usually just short notices of interesting new research, but always on-target for items that relate to understanding the conscious-nonconscious functions of the human brain.

Thomas Rams√ły's BrainEthics blog

Thomas is one for the few neuroscientists who also has serious chops in the consumer and marketing sciences. Always worth reading. Thomas also has an excellent section on "readings in neuromarketing" on his site.

Adam Kolber's Neuroethics and Law blog

The best place to find the latest thinking on legal implications of neuroscience.

The Neurocritic blog

Always enjoyable and illuminating. Take-downs of flawed neuroscience research papers are awesome. Great coverage of journalistic excesses of neuro-worship.

ScienceDaily Consumer Behavior News

An excellent compendium of the latest consumer research out of Universities around the world. Useful cross-referencing of related studies.

Discover Magazine Neuroskeptic blog

Another excellent blog that pulls no punches on neuroscience controversies and silliness.


A nice collection of posts on various psychological topics. Particularly good coverage of behavioral economics developments. Lots of "lists."

The Situationist blog

A very interesting group blog produced by researchers at Harvard. Focuses on the many ways human behavior is influenced by situational factors rather than internal motivations. Always provocative.

Decision Science News blog

The place to go for all the latest news on the decision sciences, the study of choice and the brain. An eclectic mix of posts on neuroeconomics, behavioral economics, and cognitive psychology.